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What's Health Got to Do With It?
We all have our busy lives.  After graduating from college my life was about working 40-60 hours a week, shopping, and partying with my friends!  I ate whatever I wanted and did not exercise.  Yes, truth be told my health was not even on the bottom of my priority wasn't on my list at all.
I felt crappy emotionally and physically pretty much my whole life but just ignored this.  It got so bad I could not even do simple daily tasks.  I finally realized without our health, we can't do much!
Experiences, Recipes, Tips, YaY
I thought essential oils were a joke!  They just make you smell good and help you relax right?  Boy was I wrong. See how they've helped my health in ways I didn't think possible!  
Wellness Consultations
In-person or over the phone to help your specific needs with customized essential oil blends.
Variety of topics offered including stress relief, radiant skin, women's wellness, boosting immune system during winter, muscle/joint support, digestion/metabolism support for the new year.  Learn invaluable tips on what essential oils are and how to use safely. Then make your own essential oil blends to take home, tailored for that specific topic.
Make and Take Parties
Get together with friends!  Learn how to make yummy and good for you aromatherapy products of your choice that everyone will envy.  Perfect for bridal parties, birthdays, Valentines, anytime fun and relaxation is needed!